Forbidden Fortress of Mavericks

You are invited to Mavericks Forbidden Fortress this Halloween to Pick Your Poison.

An uncensored weekend where firey devils, deadly black widows and Vampirellas roam freely… wearing only what the underworld demands.

Provocative dark burlesque shows, snake dances, fire shows and dancers bathed in blood will perform on the Renaissance Balcony and roam throughout the stages of the Forbidden Fortress.

Deadly Cocktails
Enticing specials on Tequila, Gin and Whiskey
Sinfully Rich platters served to guests with table bookings
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About Mavericks Cape Town Events 

Expect a night of entertainment surpassing any ‘strip club’ in Cape Town or South Africa.  With regular shows on our 5 stages, including two dedicated pole dance platforms, the finest range of liquors and dining, and personal attention from some very glamorous ladies. At our events, also be prepared for a few surprises.  Mavericks loves a party, you can expect the dancers and the guests to liven and loosen up. The interior of the most luxurious night club in Cape Town will also be given some additional attention for the night.

The usual cover fees apply at all Mavericks events unless otherwise advertised.  

Mavericks events are open to all guests on the Main Floor and the 3 VIP lounges, although shows in the VIP lounges are open to VIP clients only. Many of the choreographed stage shows take place on the stage elevated above the main floor. This is visible to VIP guests from the Mezzanine. 

‘The Library’ is Mavericks’ VVIP lounge, offering the height of privacy and luxury. This is only available at events for an additional cover charge. 

We encourage guests to dress up for the events although this is by no means compulsory. Mavericks has a relaxed dress code.

As always, please don’t forget the Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club House Rules

01 Respect The Dancers
Show the dancers the courtesy they deserve

02 Value Participation
At least one table- or lap-dance per table

03 But only to a Point…
Look, don’t touch. Even if it’s difficult, it’s polite

04 Savour the Moment
No cameras or camera phones, please

05 Value Discretion
Maximum 2 guests per private show. For table dances, up to 4 guests is appropriate

06 Respect other Gentlemen and Staff
Refrain from smoking unless in a designated smoking area (the cigar lounge)

We look forward to welcoming you!