For the daytime Cape Town Bachelor Party, as a lead up to your big night, our guests have had great fun with the following activities before the night out at Mavericks

For a bachelor party in Cape Town, Mavericks Gentlemen’s Club is the ‘go-to’ venue. With a little forward planning, we can help you create an erotic, pleasure-filled night for your friend with a bachelor party he will never forget. Open from 7 pm to 4 am, particularly if your party started early in the day, you can make this your whole evening programme and come early for food.

There’s plenty here to entertain you, and with some great drinks and food packages, stage shows, DJs, as well as the infamous private and table dances, Mavericks Revue Bar offers fun-filled nights that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Before you get to Maverick’s here are some daytime activities that would be great fun.


If it is an action-packed bachelor party you are seeking then maybe you should try paintballing with Paintball Pyrozone, the paintball place in Cape Town where even friends leave their mark. Paintballing is a great way to celebrate the last day of freedom as its intense, action-packed,  loads of fun, and a great chance for a large group of friends to take part. Paintballing has become one of the most popular events with bachelor parties as it is a great social game and a thrilling experience. Most give you some kit to wear to save your clothes for the evening’s activities, but we won’t stop you at the door for the odd splat of paint.


A truly memorable experience – one we’ve seen so often but few of us have taken part in. You can also try skydiving for your Cape Town bachelor party, it is a unique way to experience the magnificence of Cape Town. Skydiving is probably the most exciting thing you could ever do in a bachelor party. It’s best enjoyed sober, so it is one for early in the day. You can give your best friend’s nerves a much-needed wake-up call with skydiving and an experience he will never forget, skydiving is that rare kind of experience that will give you that immeasurable freedom we all dream of and you can be that friend who will your friend that the amazing feeling in his last days of freedom.

Wine Tasting

A weekend in wine country is a great way to celebrate the groom-to-be’s bachelor party around Cape Town. Wine tasting is also an opportunity to explore and learn something new. There’s more to wine-tasting than meets the eye or just drinking, it has its own unique techniques and a language all of its own. Most importantly wine tasting can be fun, social and informative. Gathering a group of friends, and visiting a wine-farm to celebrate a friend’s bachelor party in style while sipping in the greatest wines this country has to offer might just be the thing you have to do for that amazing bachelor party. Just make sure you’re sipping and pace yourself – we’d like some party left in you for the night ahead! Make sure there’s a nominated driver, or book yourself a guided tour or an Uber and then take the Franschhoek Tram for a great selection of the best estates.

Life Day Spa

If you are wanting a metrosexual bachelor experience filled with relaxation; why not book a date with Life Day spa. It’s an award-winning spa guaranteed to create a blissful experience before your big day. Get a full body massage, body exfoliation and enjoy your bubbly with the boys. While the tension in your muscles is being relieved, take in the breath-taking views and enjoy wonderful snacks. You can also have a dip in their glorious pool, steam away from the toxins in their sauna room and bask in sun on their rooftop.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

For an action-packed experience that you will not forget; clay pigeon shooting may just be the thing for you. There is clay pigeon shooting in Somerset west at Lourensford and Wild Clover. If you are new to it; not to worry there are great instructors to help you out. It’s said there is nothing more satisfying than watching the disc shatter in mid-air. They have different bachelor bookings you can make which include some delicious food. Once you try it you will probably be back for more.

Laser tag

You don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy a good game of laser tag but you will definitely feel the adrenaline. There is no pain in the game lots of fun is involved. If you would like to do something more action-packed then this is the perfect way to spend your bachelors. The laser tag guns have a realistic look and feel. It is a game of skill but win or lose you will definitely enjoy it. You can make it even more competitive by making the loser buy the first round of drinks. Making sure you take it easy on the alcohol and have a sober driver or shuttle service so you can still make it to Mavericks to party the night away.


Real adventure awaits you on the quaint countryside of Greyton at Kleine Eike. An outdoor lover would enjoy this escape overlooking the towering Riversonderend Mountains. You could go hiking, canoeing, fishing on the river and braai with your mates. Boat rides on the river would be lots of fun too. The great thing about this camping site is the bathroom facilities and toilets. You won’t be roughing it out at Kleine Eike but you will have a great ton of fun. There are also some amazing restaurants and shops in charming Greyton.

Hint Hunt

Although this may sound like it’s a hunting expedition; it’s far from it. Hint Hunt at the V&A Waterfront is for a group of 2-6 people that really enjoy solving puzzles. Basically you are trapped in a room and you need to solve puzzles/hints together as a team to be freed from the room. So if you and your buddies enjoy a good riddle and problem solving then Hint Hunt would be perfect for you. Easy right? But there are only 60 minutes to escape so you need to gel as a team! There’s a lot to be said for friends who can be tested in this way and still remain friends.